Almost anyone can have the perfect smile they dream about. But there is a great deal more to the perfect smile than white teeth. Most people who look at a smile will look at the color and the alignment of the top and bottom teeth and notice whether teeth are crooked. A filling or a crown that doesn’t match natural tooth structure may also be noticed. But the teeth are only one of three equally important components of a perfect smile. The human mouth is a stage and is framed by the lips and the soft tissue (gums) that surround the teeth. If either of these deviates from the accepted norm, even if the teeth are straight and white, the smile may appear to be unsightly.







This patient has 2 teeth missing

Problem: This patient has 2 teeth missing, one on each side of the front ones and was told by his dentist that it would be impossible to add teeth where the missing ones were.Fix: So prior to completing the bridgework, models were taken and teeth were added in wax to... read more

This young man wanted to his smile back

Problem: This young man wanted to his smile. He had 2 teeth that were smaller and had been fixed with filling material that was now breaking and staining. He also wanted to have his teeth straightened out, however, he had some financial restrictions.Fix: The first and... read more

Front Tooth With a Different Color

Problem: John is a 22 year old male, whose complaint was that his front tooth was a different color. He had fallen off of his bicycle when he was 10 years old and his childhood dentist had done a root canal for him. The tooth started to darken and was very noticeable.... read more

Aged Man Who is Active in Many Sports

Problem: This middle aged man is active in many sports, and while surfing, had an accident that broke the bridge that he had. To complicate matters, he had lost a tooth on the bottom front as well. Fix: In order to fix the matter, we would need a new bridge in top and... read more

Unhappy With the Way They Looked

Problem: This young man had 2 crowns done recently, but was unhappy with the way they looked. Even though they were metal free crowns, there was a dark line that could be seen. He wanted to know what could e done to fix this. After removing the old crowns, one can see... read more

Female Patient 65 Years Old

Problem: Female patient, 65 years old, who knew her teeth were not the best looking, but she wanted to wait until she retired. However, she was a little afraid of getting them fixed. She had heard the word “veneers” before and wanted to know if that was an... read more

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