45 year old female was very unhappy with her smile. She had one crown done on the right and a cantilever bridge done on the front left where she had a tooth missing for about 10 years. Now, she stated that there was a black line showing at her gumline and that her gums would bleed easily. She worked in real estate and felt that when she spoke or smiled, it seemed that people always looked at her teeth and this made her very conscious of smiling.

She had several options on how to fix the problem and she wanted the minimal, most inexpensive way that would make her problems go away, without costing her a fortune. We decided that whitening the natural teeth first would be the way to go. Due to the type of metal free bridge needed to provide an esthetic solution, we would need the services of our lab. By use of a tissue laser, the gums were first nursed to proper health and a temporary was placed for 3 weeks while the crowns were being custom built. The result was exactly what the patient wanted and was very affordable.

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