Female patient, 65 years old, who knew her teeth were not the best looking, but she wanted to wait until she retired. However, she was a little afraid of getting them fixed. She had heard the word “veneers” before and wanted to know if that was an option for he because she did not want to have her teeth “cut down to nothing.” We reassured her that would not be the case. She decided to only have the tops done because the treatment called for removing the lower 4 teeth due to amount of bone she had lost. She stated that when she smiles, she doesn’t show her lower teeth, so a this time, she did not want to have the lower teeth fixed.
As the patient requested, we were able to give her the veneers she wanted. These are special type of veneers, and not only are they very durable, but esthetic, as well. After about 5 months, she decided that she did not like the look of her lower teeth in comparison with her upper teeth, especially when she smiled, because you could see the lower ones quite easily. In addition, she started to form an infection at the base of the 2 teeth in front, so she knew it was time. Special temporary teeth were pre-made to match the color and shape of the top teeth. On the day of treatment, the 4 teeth were pulled and the temporary teeth were fitted and cemented for 6-8 weeks until the gums were fully healed. — Pic 2 was take 1 W4 lower teeth were pulled out??
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