John is a 22 year old male, whose complaint was that his front tooth was a different color. He had fallen off of his bicycle when he was 10 years old and his childhood dentist had done a root canal for him. The tooth started to darken and was very noticeable. After 12 years, he wanted to have it fixed.Fix:
The root canal was first redone because the back of the tooth was ope and food was getting in. This meant that bacteria was getting in, as well. The tooth was prepared for a metal free crown that was made in the office. This type of crown is called a CEREC. The whole procedure is started and completed within 2 hours, including a custom color match which done by use of a special porcelain oven that takes just a few minutes. The final outcome was very esthetic and the patient was very happy. matching a single crown is difficult to do, however , it is possible to achieve a beautiful outcome in a short period of time.

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