LAVA™ Restorations

Strong and beautiful metal-free crowns and fixed bridges are here! Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) has served us relatively well, but the new generation of all-ceramic technology is making a legitimate alternative possible.

Why do you want an alternative for PFM restorations? Currently, many patients are requesting non-metal restorations; up to 50% of women have soft tissue reactions to jewelry that indicates the potential for gum reactions to the metals used for PFM restorations; and the well-known gray and chalky appearance of the gingival of PFM restorations can be avoided.

Lava with zirconia frameworks serve well as either single crowns or multiple-unit bridges. Lava™ crowns, implants and bridges deliver the exceptional strength you’ve been looking for in an esthetic all-ceramic restoration. The Lava system combines CAD/CAM technology with a translucent zirconia framework that can be custom colored creating a restoration strong enough for long span bridges. Lava provides a precise fit and the esthetics our patients expect and deserve.

New advancements in digital technologies mean that we can now offer our patients custom designed implant abutments with shaded Lava™ Zirconia also. With Lava zirconia, the natural beauty and unmatched esthetics provide an exciting new option for our patients.

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